Syndicate Series 1 **Horses with the highest number of votes will be inserted into the betting structure already set** **Races 8-12: The four highest voted horses will make up the exacta plays** **Please do not vote for a specific horse multiple times. No duplicate votes will be counted**   Hey {{first}}, we have received your selections! Capital OTB will build a consensus ticket based on all participants selections. The final ticket can be found on the main Syndicate page once it is built. We will also email you a final ticket! 11 Account Information*First*Last*Email*Account NumberRace 2*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5th*6th*7th*8thRace 3*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 4*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 5*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 6*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 7*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 8*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5th*6th*7th*8thRace 9*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 10*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 11*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5thRace 12*1st*2nd*3rd*4th*5th*6th*7th*8thSubmit