Exclusive Bankroll

Signup now to be entered in our exclusive Bankrolls! We arm our handicapper with a stack of cash and they are ready to play on your behalf, any winnings will be split evenly among each Bankroll Team Member! All participants must have a Capital Bets account, and must wager through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for any prizes.

Must make a wager on your account if you are selected for the Bankroll team. Failure to agree to these terms will forfeit your winnings!


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  • Come back to see if you made the team!
  • Place a bet on the day of contest
  • Any amount any type any track
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DateHandicapperStart AmountWinnings
06/17/2022Seth Merrow$100$25.25
06/09/2022Seth Merrow$100-
06/02/2022Seth Merrow$100$0.00
05/26/2022Seth Merrow$100$100.35
05/19/2022Seth Merrow$100$78.40
05/12/2022Seth Merrow$100$77.00
03/24/2022Seth Merrow$100$13.65
03/03/2022Seth Merrow$100$135.40
02/24/2022Seth Merrow$100$40.05
02/17/2022Seth Merrow$100$109.10
02/10/2022Seth Merrow$100$9.00
01/14/2022Seth Merrow$100$89.70
01/07/2022Seth Merrow$100$297.00
12/30/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
12/09/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
11/18/2021Seth Merrow$100$55.50
10/02/2021Seth Merrow$100$469.50
09/04/2021Seth Merrow$100$41.25
08/28/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/21/2021Seth Merrow$100$60.30
08/14/2021Seth Merrow$100$42.55
08/07/2021Seth Merrow$100$219.75
07/31/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
07/24/2021Seth Merrow$100$51.50
07/17/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00