Capital OTB is on-board to assist in all preventative measures advised by the CDC. We’ve changed and prioritized our daily routines to help assist in combating the spread of COVID-19. We recognize the needs of all our customers are important, and as a reminder, our products are always readily available online. As of now ALL Capital OTB Branches have been closed until further notice. Please take advantage of online wagering.


• Online Wagering:
• Daily Selections: Handicappers’ Report | Daily Selections
• Phone-A-Bet: 1-800-233-0375
• LIVE Operator: 1-800-342-4287

The following Capital OTB EZBet locations remain open to deposit and place wagers as well as take-out.

Loopie’s Pub (Montgomery County)
Lake View Inn (Rensselaer County)
Partner’s Pub (Fulton County)
Samson’s Bar and Restaurant (Rensselaer County)