Sign up for a Capital Bets account and bet 2x
your initial deposit and get a 100% deposit of your
initial deposit back into your account. June 1st - June 30th
$50 Minimum initial deposit, Max bonus up to $100
Example: Deposit $100 Bet $200 Get $100 Back or
Deposit $50 Bet $100 Get $50 Back
Terms and Conditions Apply

You can open up a Capital Bets account two simple ways:



Here’s How to Qualify:

  • All new players are eligible for this promotion!
  • Deposit $50 or $100 ($50 minimum initial deposit)
  • After you wager 2x your initial deposit by the end of the promotion, you will receive your initial deposit back up to $100 will be automatically deposited into your account after review.
  • Wagers must be made though your account
  • If you have any questions about this promotion, please contact Customer Support.
  • This promotion is void where prohibited. All terms and conditions will apply for qualification.
  • Example: Deposit $50 – wager $100 – receive back $50 or Deposit $100 – wager $200 – receive back $100

*Once you signup for your NEW account, you must wager the threshold by the end of the month in order to get the bonus deposit.