1. LIVE OPERATOR ASSISTED WAGERING: – Dial: (518) 381-2450, or 1-800-342-4287 (11am -11pm, Mon. – Sat. / 11am – 9pm, Sun.)

2. TOUCH-TONE WAGERING SYSTEM: (11am – All Tracks are Closed)
1- 800-233-0375

Canada – 800-458-2058

Enter Account Number- enter your nine (9) digit account number followed by the # sign

Verifying your account- Enter 4 digit pin”- followed by the # “Your balance is $$$

Enter Track- listen for Today’s tracks or visit website at capitalotb.com, select desire track followed by the # sign

Enter Race- Enter race number followed by # sign

Enter Wager Type- followed by the # sign

Enter Wager Amount, followed by the # sign

Enter Runner (Use the * key to separate runners 2*3*4) followed by the # sign.

Below denotes the correct number for each bet type:



You will receive a VOICE RESPONSE you must clearly confirm your wager by saying “YES” to accept followed by # sign your wager


“NO” to reject your wager

Listen for confirmation “Your wager has been placed”.

To place another Wager Press “1” to continue (or) Hang Up

Thank you for wagering with Capital OTB


* Capital Bets Account – Allows customers to bet on all available racetracks. Win, place and show bet payoffs are subject to a 5% surcharge. Exotic bets are subject to a 6% surcharge.

* If you have over $300 at the time of wager you will receive track prices on all available racetracks.

Important: Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-292-2387, or 1-800-292-BETS: Mon. – Sat. 9am – 12am, Sun. 10am – 6pm. If you have any problems with you account, our professional, friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.