PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date:  7/22/2023 
Featured Track/Race:   Saratoga – Race 5 
Race overview:  A modest N1X sprinting 7Fs on the main for f/ms. 
Pace:  On paper there’s not a ton here, though the inside few want to be involved, which means they could hook up early and often. 
Trends:  Tactical speed always plays on the main, though at this 7F trip, speed is more apt to come back a bit. 
Best Play:  #6 HUNTRESS FOR HIRE (3-1): Rousing MSW winner comes in with a world of confidence after finally breaking through with a blitz from off the pace at CD, which hints at her potential, and she catches an overrated favorite (#1) who draws poorly as well. 
Bet Types:    Aggressive WP bet, single to end the early Pk5/Pk4, and single to kick off the middle Pk4 as well. 
POD/Meet Stats:  Sar POD: 

Sar Meet Overall: