PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date:  4/22/2023 
Featured Track/Race:   Keeneland – Race 3 
Race overview:  An uninspiring 30k MCL going 7Fs on the main, with very few entering with proven, trustworthy form. 
Pace:  It looks on the slow side, as there’s not much sprint speed entered, and there are also some confirmed closers as well, so you better be able to lay close early. 
Trends:  The main track has tilted towards speed (which is nothing unusual), though there has been no obvious biases in terms of running styles or paths, while the turf has been on fair side. 
Best Play:  #8 KISLOVODSK (7-2): Versatile sort should like the cutback and goes off the rare claim for Foley (1-for-9), who reaches for Irad, so you know there’s some intent here, from one of the best horsemen on the backstretch. 
Bet Types:    Aggressive WP bet and single in the early Pk5/Pk4 as well. 
Meet/POD Stats:  Kee Meet: 68-20-16-8 ($1.92/$6.42) 

Kee POD: 6-1-1-3 ($1.26/$4.44)