PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date  2/14/2024 
Featured track  Gulfstream Park 
Race number  2 
Race overview  A mixed bag of 3yofs MOC 50ks sprinting 5 ½ Fs on Tapeta. 
Pace  There’s little doubt they all have to catch 2 TRUMPET (5-2), though there are a few who will be chasing her early. 
Trends  Tactical speed at the very least is needed sprinting on Tapeta, as races rarely fall apart in the lane, and heavy speed routinely lasts. 
Best Play  #2 TRUMPETS (5-2): Blazing filly went 44.75 on debut and did everything but hold off a repeat winner at 40-1, and while that price is long gone today, so is she. 
Bet Types    Aggressive WP bet and single in the early Pk5, and to kick off the early Pk4 as well.  
Play of the Day Winners  GP POD (through 2/4): 39-12-6-6 ($1.90/$4.87) 

GP meet (through 2/4): 444-113-77-53 ($1.44/$4.56)