PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date  2/8/2024 
Featured track  Gulfstream Park 
Race number  6 
Race overview  A competitive bottom-level claimer for 4up going 6Fs on the main. 
Pace  There’s not much here, so being able to lay close seems imperative. 
Trends  Tactical speed at the very least is needed sprinting on the main, as races rarely fall apart in the lane. 
Best Play  #6 Apocalypso (3-1): Expected pace presser is back with friends today, and when he’s in for a tag he usually fires his best shot, and both favorites (#3 and #5) in front of him have questions too. 
Bet Types    Aggressive WP and single in the late Pk5, and to kick off the late Pk4 as well. 
Play of the Day Winners  GP POD (through 2/4): 39-12-6-6 ($1.90/$4.87) 

GP meet (through 2/4): 444-113-77-53 ($1.44/$4.56)