PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date:  3/19/2023 
Featured Track/Race:   Gulfstream Park – Race 10 
Race overview:  A solid 50k MOC sprinting on the main with several who have a right to make a dent, though open MSW dropper #3 POWERTRAIN (8-1) seems at the top of that list. 
Pace:  It should be honest, as more than a few want to be involved early. 
Trends:  You want to be close sprinting on the main, as horses just don’t make up significant ground without a complete meltdown. 
Best Play:  #3 POWERTRAIN (8-1): MSW dropper chased and tired against a good field on debut, as winner Shesterkin and runner-up Case both have talent, Safie Joseph is 28% with second-time maidens, and this one adds Lasix as well. 
Bet Types:    Aggressive WP bet and single to end the late Pk5/Pk4 as well. 
Meet/POD Stats:  GP Champ. Meet: 548-126-104-93 ($1.63/$5.14 ROI through 3/11) 

GP Champ. Meet POD: 54-14-12-11 ($1.58/$5.48 ROI through 3/11)