“PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau

Date 12/23/2023

Featured track Gulfstream Park

Race number 9


Race overview An extremely deep and competitive renewal of the G3 Sugar Swirl for f/m 3up going 6Fs on the main track.


Pace It looks honest, and potentially hot and contested, as there are more than a few who want to motor early on.

Trends You want to be close on the main, as horses just won’t loop the field, especially going this short, unless there’s a complete meltdown.


Best Play #2 MY DESTINY (6-1): Stalker got caught up dueling last time at MVR but won’t pull that trip here, loves the GP main (4-for-10), and goes for a Wilensky barn in the midst of a banner 2023.

Bet Types Aggressive WP bet and a bold leverage single in the mandatory payoff Rainbow 6, late Pk5, and late Pk4 as well.

Play of the Day Winners

GP POD: 8-3-2-1 ($2.95/$7.04) GP meet: 110-32-22-14 ($1.54/$4.88)