“PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau

Date 3/8/2024

Featured track Gulfstream Park

Race number 8


Race overview A solid AOC for 4up state bred at 7 ½ Fs on the turf.


Pace There’s not a ton here, which suggests a compact group, so having a tactical gear will come in handy.

Trends The turf tends to be speedy, especially sprinting, but there’s been plenty of rain of late, which means things could even out a bit, but regardless, turf races are rarely won from the back.


Best Play #4 Sociallongdistance (2-1) (turf only): Stalker was in a bit over his head against open foes at Tampa but aired at the level here in February, and none of the new shooters should pose much of a problem today.

Bet Types Aggressive WP bet and single in the late Pk5/Pk4 as well.

Play of the Day Winners

GP POD (through 3/3): 58-15-10-10 ($1.63/$4.76)