PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date:  2/9/2023 
Featured Track/Race:   Gulfstream Park – Race 4 
Race overview:  A modest 10k N2L sprinting on the main track. 
Pace:  There’s not a ton here, which means #4 NATURE BOY (5-2) looks poised to dominate on the rise. 
Trends:  Speed plays sprinting on the main, as horses rarely come from too far back. 
Best Play:  #4 NATURE BOY (5-2): Class riser fried everyone last time and was split by two closers, and while the winner ran off the screen, note this one was well clear of 3rd, and looks like a Lone F today. 
Bet Types:    Aggressive WP bet and single in the early Pk5/Pk4 as well. 
Meet/POD Stats:  GP Champ. Meet: 253-53-45-46 ($1.43/$4.98 ROI through 1/29) 

GP Champ. Meet POD: 26-9-6-6 ($2.11/$6.36 through 1/29)