PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date:  5/27/2023 
Featured Track/Race:   Churchill Downs – Race 3 
Race overview:  A weak restricted MSW (50k or less/or RNA) going 5Fs on the main. 
Pace:  There’s a slew of first-time starters here, so expect things to be quick up front. 
Trends:  With the exception of Saturday’s drying out track (which typically always play to off-the-pace types), the main track was playing to speed throughout the week. 
Best Play:  #3 LIAM’S MESSAGE (3-1): Experienced runner improved a lot in her second start, and had a trip, and there’s just not much here to be scared of either. 
Bet Types:    Aggressive WP bet and single in the early Pk5/Pk4 as well. 
Meet/POD Stats:  CD Meet: 122-18-19-12 ($1.47/$4.32 ROI through 5/21) 

CD POD: 12-2-3-0 ($1.77/$4.73 ROI through 5/21)