PLAY of the DAY” by Brian Nadeau                   
Date  11/17/2022 
Featured track  Churchill Downs  
Race number  4 
Race overview  A competitive 12.5k claimer for 3up going 7Fs on the main. 
Pace  There’s not any true sprint/one-turn speed, which could allow #7 POPULIST (3-1) set the pace and potentially control things early. 
Trends  The main track played very fair last week, with winners coming from everywhere, and there were no apparent path biases either. 
Best Play  #7 POPULIST (3-1): Class dropper was in against tougher at Kee for 16k, while going two turns as well, but dropping to 12.5k isn’t a big deal, and Pino is 22% OTC and spots them where they can win, and that fast sprint 4th two-back would decimate this field. 
Bet Types    Aggressive WP bet and single in the early Pk5/Pk4 as well. 
Play of the Day Winners  CD POD: 7-2-1-2 ($1.73/$5.03 through 11/12) 

CD meet: 88-236-16-12 ($1.97/$5.65 through 11/12)