Play of the Day
Race Date October 28, 2020
Track Churchill Downs
Race 10
Overview An extremely weak 8k N2L, even for this level, with just two viable candidates—#6 Drink (9-5) and #9 SUBDUED (3-1)—with the latter gaining a big advantage drawing outside the former.
Pace It figures honest, as both #6 Drink (9-5) and #9 SUBDUED (3-1) want to be involved throughout, but with no one too hot behind them, it shouldn’t matter much.
Trends With just one card run, it’s tough to get much of a feel, though the main track seemed to play very fair Sunday.
Number 9
Morning Line (3-1)
Best Bet Overview Class dropper goes back to the main track, where he ran a huge number (for this group) three-back, won’t be favored, and drew perfectly outside his main rival, #6 Drink (9-5).
Picks & Plays Aggressive WP bet, strong EX 9-6, smaller backup underneath, single to end the late Pk5/Pk4.