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Monday September 7th


20 Person




Online Contest

Due to a lack of entries, we will cancel the Saratoga Syndicate for Saturday, July 18th and try again for Saturday, July 25th. Thank you for signing up to a New Exciting promotion and hopefully next week we should have enough entries for the Late Pick 5 play! Sorry for any inconvenience.


Must have a Capital Bets account
Fill out the entry form below
Consent to a $25 entry fee
Once funds are approved you will receive a confirmation email
Once Team is approved you will receive a selection form via email

Funds must be available in order to play. Failure to agree to these terms will forfeit your participation! Capital OTB will deduct the $25 entry fee from your account.


Race 9  

Race 10  

Race 11  

Race 12  

Race 13

Race 14

  • This will be a group Pick 6 play (format being .20 pk6 – 5x2x5x5x3x5 = $750) *We will look at the races and designate which races have the 3 horse and 2 horse legs & patrons will sign up authorizing Capital OTB to
  • Sign up forms online will be available during the week leading up to the Pick 6. Sign-ups will be based on the first twenty (20) patrons from the authorization to withdraw twenty-five dollars ($25) from their Capital Bets account. If there are insufficient funds then their sign-up form will be cancelled.
  • If there are not twenty (20) sign ups by the deadline, then Capital OTB will refund the entry money to the previous signed up players.
  • Selections will be made with the highest voted horses (tie goes to lowest number). Marketing will put together the consensus ticket.
  • After Syndicate team is confirmed, the selection form will be emailed directly to them for the voting process of the Pick 6.
  • The Pick 6 plays will be made after scratches are posted. Once Pick 6 is wagered is placed, the confirmed copy of the ticket will be emailed and posted.
  • Players participating Must have a Capital Bets account in order to process entry money and funding if there are winnings from the “Pick 6 Syndicate”.
  • If there are winnings, accounts will be funded on the day after the Pick 6 play.
  • This is an online promotion where all announcements of the “Pick 6 Syndicate” will be posted on capitalotb.com. Along with details and the rules of participation.

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