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Saturday September 26th


20 Person




Online Contest


Must have a Capital Bets account
Fill out the entry form below
Once funds are approved you will receive a confirmation email
Once Team is approved you will receive a selection form via email

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Funds must be available in order to play. Failure to agree to these terms will forfeit your participation! Capital OTB will deduct the $25 entry fee from your account.


Complete the signup form below and consent Capital OTB to withdraw funds from your Capital Bets account. The entry fee to participate in the syndicate is twenty-five dollars ($25). All monies withdrawn will be placed into a Capital OTB marketing account on the day of the promotion and used to wager. In addition, Capital OTB will deposit a bonus $250 dollars into the account (if $500 or more in syndicate monies are accumulated).


  • Players participating must have a Capital Bets account.
  • This will be a group Pick 5 play (format being .50 Pick 5 – 5x5x4x3x5 = $750) *Capital OTB will designate which races have the 3 horse and 4 horse legs.
  • Initial signup will be available Sunday – Thursday each week for the “Belmont Syndicate” Late PK 5 Saturday September 19th and 26th. Sign-ups will be based on the first twenty (20) patrons from the authorization to withdraw twenty-five dollars ($25) from their Capital Bets account. If there are insufficient funds then their entry will be cancelled.
  • If there are not twenty (20) sign ups by the deadline, Capital OTB will refund entry money to the previous signed up players.
  • Marketing will put together the consensus ticket from selections with the highest voted horses (tie goes to lowest number).
  • Thursday afternoon, after Syndicate team is confirmed, the selection form will be emailed directly to participants for the voting process of the Late Pick 5.
  • All selections must be submitted by 11AM Saturday
  • The Late Pick 5 plays will be made on Saturday morning after scratches are posted. Once Late Pick 5 wager is placed, the confirmed copy of the ticket will be emailed and posted.
  • Any winnings will be funded on the Sunday after the Late Pick 5 play.
  • If a Syndicate team member does not submit a selection form, they are not eliminated from the team, but do not have a vote on the runners selected for the late Pick 5 wager.