Bankroll Team – Good Luck!

Final Balance: $816.40


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  • The Top Twenty-Five (25) Capital Bets accounts from October 1st – 30th who wagered the most during the specific time period.
  • Twenty-Five (25) Capital Bets accounts will be randomly chosen from entries at the Clubhouse Race Book October 14th – 27th. Patrons must have a Capital Bets account and can fill out an entry form once per day. Upon admission each day, each patron will receive an entry form to be filled out and put into the drawing bin. There cannot be duplicate entries chosen from another category.
  • Fifty (50) Capital Bets account holders who entered from online entries at There will be an entry form available from October 14th – 27th. Patrons must have a Capital Bets account and only enter once during the time period of the promotion. Drawing will occur on October 28th to determine the Fifty (50) Capital Bets account holders to make the bankroll team.


Patrons that qualify for the promotion (Breeders’ Cup) will share equally in the winnings of the final bankroll of the two days. The handicapper’s will not share in any of the winnings of the bankroll. The entire winnings will be shared by the total number of patrons that sign up and qualify for the $3,000 bankroll promotion.


All patrons chosen must be willing to sign an IRS form if necessary in order to receive any winnings. If there are winnings, the winning patrons will receive an amount equal to the total winnings divided by the number of qualified patrons. These winnings will be deposited into the patron’s Capital Bets account no later than Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. Patrons chosen must wager through their Capital Bets account each day of the Breeders’ Cup races in order to eligible to share in any possible prize winnings. There cannot be duplicate accounts chosen from any of the three categories. The one-hundred (100) Capital Bets account holders are separate individuals. There will be one-hundred different Capital Bets account holders on the bankroll team.