Exclusive Show Pool Bankroll

Signup now to be entered in our exclusive Show Pool! We arm our handicapper with a stack of cash and they are ready to play on your behalf, any winnings will be split evenly among each Show Pool Team Member! All participants must have a Capital Bets account, and must wager through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for any prizes.


Fill out the entry form below
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Any amount any type any track
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10 patrons chosen from online entries
Seth will chose (5) races to select a horse and put all of the bankroll on show bet
Continues until all (5) races are completed or the selected horse runs out of the money
All winnings will be split between team

Must make a wager through your account if you are selected for the Bankroll team. Failure to agree to these terms will forfeit your winnings!

Show Pool Plays


DateHandicapperStart AmountWinnings
09/04/2022Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/28/2022Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/21/2022Seth Merrow$100$0.00
09/05/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/29/2021Seth Merrow$100$2937.60
08/22/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/15/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/08/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
08/01/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
07/25/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00
07/18/2021Seth Merrow$100$0.00