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Info for new web page discussing wagering site 

How is the new wagering platform different from the old one? 


The wagering platform was built using the very latest, most robust wagering technology available today.  The site features more live streaming, has multiple wagering screen layouts to choose from, supports free and easy deposits and bank transfers, provides an expanded array of handicapping tools, and it is faster and more reliable.
Will I have to change my account information to wager on the new site?
The new wagering site features the latest in online security measures. Current Capital OTB account holders will be asked to update their login information the first time they log into the new wagering site. It is a simple and easy process but the result is superior security for your financial information.
How do I register to use the new wagering site?
The first time current Capital Bets account holders visit and click on the “wager” button, they will automatically be transferred to the new wagering site  Log in using your current account number and pin.  Once you do that, a screen will pop up asking you to choose a new username and password, which will be your online wagering information from then on.
If I use the Capital OTB phone-a-bet system or self serve terminal, will my account number still change?
Yes, your account number will change, but in a very user-friendly way.  Patrons will now have a 9-digit phone account number which will always begin with “527” (think of it like an area code) and end with your current account number.  In between you will add zeros (-0-) to get to the 9-digit number.  For example, if an account is five numbers long you would put 527 and one zero in front of your previous account number to get to the new 9-digit account number.  If an old account number was 12345, then the new 9-digit account number would be 527-0-12345 (a total of 9 numbers).
See the chart below:
Existing Acct. NumberAdd "527"Add ZerosNew Account Number
12 +527 +0000 527000012
123 +527 +000 527000123
1234 +527 +00 527001234
12345 +527 +0 527012345


Do I have to use my new 9-digit account number to wager over the phone or on a self serve terminal?
Yes, all wagers made through the phone system – both live and touch tone - as well as those made through self service terminals will use the 9-digit account number and PIN#.
Are there any changes to the keys or prompts when wagering through the new touch tone phone system?
Yes.  While the track codes will remain the same, the new system does require that we change the prompts for some of the wager types.  We encourage all our touch tone bettors to review the attached pamphlet which details the new touch tone wagering system.
Here are some of the changes from the old system to the new system:
WagerNew SystemOld System
Pick 3 7 33
Pick 4 8 44
Pick 6 9 66


Can I still make ACH deposits into my wagering account?
Yes, if you were depositing money through the previous Internet site using SimplyPay (Checking account deposits/ACH) you can continue to do so using the new EZ Money application starting immediately.  Just click on the EZ Money deposit link and begin depositing right away.  And, best of all, the EZ Money system is free.
What other options do I have to fund my account? 
  • Green Dot
  • Debit or ATM Card Online
  • Credit Card Online
  • Credit/Debit Card by Phone
Does the new site work with mobile devices?
The new wagering site is fully compatible with mobile devices. Just type and you’ll get all the same features as the main site including live streaming from all the tracks.
Will I be able to cancel wagers on the new wagering site?
Yes, consistent with State Rules and Regulations, canceling of wagers is now allowed.  Wagers placed through the internet wagering platform may be cancelled by the account holder, subject to the certain limitations.  Wagers of up to $500 to win, place or show on any single betting entry in a thoroughbred race and/or $50 on any one combination used in a daily double, exacta, trifecta, Pick 3, or other pool, may be cancelled using the internet site.  On wagers made on harness races, the cancellation limits are $100 in win, place, and show pools and/or $50 on any one combination in any daily double, exacta, quinella. trifecta, Pick 3, or other pool.
Why are you changing your Internet wagering site so close to the Breeders Cup?
Our contract with our previous vendor came to an end at the end of October and we decided that rather that it was time to enhance the services we offer to our online bettors.  Unfortunately, that meant that the transition to the new site had to occur when it did.  While the timing for the change may not be ideal, we believe the wagering platform offers our customers the very best state-of-the-art, innovative online wagering experience possible and it was a necessary move.
Where can I find information to help me learn about all the features the new site offers?
We have a list of FAQs and instructional videos to help guide you through the new system, a dedicated customer service phone line, and live chat.

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