$750 Bankroll


Join our Capital OTB handicapper Seth Merrow at the Clubhouse Race Book to play from a $750 Bankroll Friday, March 24th. 

Enter for drawing at the Clubhouse Race Book from 11am – 2:00pm 30 randomly selected patrons will be drawn at the Clubhouse to be part of the bankroll team as well as 5 patrons online. Our handicapper will place wagers from 2:00pm- 6:00pm.

**Must be present at the time of the drawing and at the close of the bankroll promotion

5 Patrons Online Will Be Randomly Chosen! Signups open until 2PM the day of the Bankroll. Must wager through your account the day of the Bankroll.


Online Bankroll Team

(Good Luck!)




DateHandicapperStart AmountWinnings
03-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$300
03-10-2017Anthony Mormino$500$0.00
02-24-2017Seth Merrow$500$428.90
01-13-2017Seth Merrow$500$0.00
12-09-2016Seth Merrow$1000$3,700.15
11-25-2016Anthony Mormino$500$621.95
11-11-2016Brian Nadeau$500$700
11-05-2016Dick Powell$4000$11,124.90
10-29-2016Seth Merrow$500$209.35
10-14-2016Brian Nadeau$500$534
09-30-2016Brian Nadeau$500$564.70

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